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ungrateful   Leave a comment

first off I am not a big political person.
I vote yes, but I generally vote for the guy I like the best and his values more so than to say I am Republican or Democrat

I could swing both ways on that

however, it bothers me very much how the United States people criticize our government.
Just the other night on the news they said the American people have lost their faith in Barack Obama.
UGH!!! That infuriates me!
Why you may wonder?
For starters, no one knows the full depth of what it takes to be a President.
And for another thing…..just because he says something and plans on taking care of something, doesn’t mean it will happen when he has the congress disagreeing with him!
I find it very disheartening to listen to people complain and or bitch about our President.

And I have always been a firm believer in “Walk a mile in his shoes” before you criticize him

I like Mr President and while I may not agree with every single thing he says, Hell I don’t agree with anyone I know and everything that person says!!!

Our President is human just like the rest of us……

and while I know every one has a right to his or her own opinion and there is always freedom of speech and press, I just wish the American people would stop being so ungrateful

we are a very spoiled country, and it shows in things like this.


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getting better all the time   Leave a comment

well we are down to today and Friday of the work week!
That means it is getting better all of the time!
My knee is like new.
Hardly causes me any pain at all.
Like I told my sister I didn’t take any ibuprofen at all yesterday so that is a good indication of how well I feel
it was incredibly miserably hot yesterday and while they say it isn’t suppose to get that bad today, they (the weatherman) are seldom right.
We were suppose to get thunderstorms last night and didn’t… it just goes to show you that they are wrong more than they are right…..

still who wants to be right all of the time?
Happy Thursday!

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