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tomorrow my husband will turn 53, we celebrated today because my youngest daughter has to work tomorrow.
We spent four hours out on the Lake in a pontoon boat we rented for $1 a minute.
pretty expensive but it was enjoyable.
most of the kids swam so that was fun to watch.
it wasn’t too hot so that was even better.

Then after the lake we all went to Applebee’s to have a dinner as well.
it was enjoyable and my husband seemed to enjoy it.

Brian, Emily and I bought him a large grill for his birthday and Matt and his wife paid for our meal at Applebee’s today so…that was nice.

My husband is going to go to the races with Brian and I am going to stay home and read or watch a movie.

Tomorrow when it is his actual birthday I’m not sure what we will do if anything

but he knew today was the day we were going to celebrate it.

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