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taking names   Leave a comment

I need a good book to read.
I am even going to be daring and try a  new author if someone recommends a book to me.

I have my favorite novels and my favorite authors…..but I need something different.
Something that makes it impossible for me to put the book down.

So I am taking names of authors?
Any suggestions out there?
Any great author I should be reading????

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so my sister has been thinking about traveling west here in a year or so.
I told her I would love to go with her.
We actually planned a trip west once before and it got cancelled due to one party was unable to go and it just fizzled out after that.

So I told her we should decide on a date and I will save my pennies so we can go.

She hasn’t given me a definite date or even if she wants my company on this trip.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago I hope to go to The Grand Canyon for my 50th birthday.
(Yes it is ten months away but one has to have something to look forward to)

I hope to go to Texas and drive through New Mexico before entering Arizona.
I haven’t been to any of those three states and I would like to see them.

Still…..we are going to Tennessee in October for a few days…..and that will be enjoyable……to this wonderful state park that is great for hiking

it will be fall and the leaves will all be their beautiful yellows, oranges and reds….

I love to travel.
Maybe one day I will even become daring enough to go outside of the United States!

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Friday!   Leave a comment

It is finally Friday!
My very favorite day of the week!!!

how I love knowing I can sleep later than five am for the next two days!!!
What a treat!

I know, it is the little things that make me happy
What can I say, I’m weird that way!

well I am at work so I suppose I should rustle up some ambition and get moving here.

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