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last night when I took my daughter to the ER, I met a man who I have had the greatest admiration for
As we sat there, (me sitting on a chair and her laying down on the bed) who would walk in but the famous (Famous to me) Dr. Huss.
Now you may have never heard of him but the man has done something that I find very cool.
he has tried to climb Mt Everest.
I say tried because he has climbed four times and never made it completely to the summit, but imagine the experience of just trying!!!
I have to give him great credit for trying.

He walked into our emergency room last night and shook Emily’s hand after asking her name, and then shook my hand and I told him my name and I said “And you are the famous Dr who climbed Mt Everest!”
And of course he said “Not famous and I have never reached the summit”
And I said “Maybe not the entire thing but you have done it in my book and I greatly admire you for that”
Emily pops up with “Mom is your greatest fan!”
Which I’m not, but I think it is awesome to meet someone who has not only gone to the bottom of Mt Everest four times, but tried to climb it four times.
I think the closest he has gotten to the summit was 500 feet shy of it.
I say KUDOS for him for living a dream of mine!

 He said to me then “We should all have such an expensive hobbie”
Which we both laughed at, because it is extremely expensive to even stand at the bottom of Everest.


Posted July 21, 2010 by Marge in ramblings

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