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I use to date a man I always called “Mr. Wonderful” 
I never called him that to his face, but when I talked about  him with my friends that was how I labeled him.
Because he had an air about him that he was above everyone else.
He was egotistical, which normally is a major turn off to me, but he also was incredibly handsome and I just couldn’t resist myself.

we dated for six months and when we parted it was on friendly terms.
at any rate, I only bring Mr. Wonderful up because I dreamt of him last night, of all things.
I haven’t seen or talked to this man in ……fifteen years or so, so it is so odd to me that I would dream about him.

And of all things, in the dream I was his maid!
We had never met until the day in my dream, and he informed me I hadn’t aged all that well, where he looked exactly the same!

I woke up at three thirty this morning laying there thinking, ‘why would I dream about him?’   and “I wonder how he is doing?’

I hope he is doing well….he should be about 62 or 63 by now….and he always had a life long ambition to play golf year round and travel to different places to play golf when he retired…..

I hope he gets to live that dream


Posted July 16, 2010 by Marge in ramblings

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