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I don’t consider myself a whiner   Leave a comment

I was just told by a reader that he thinks I’m a  whiner.
That offended me greatly!
I don’t think I am whining.
I am expressing my feelings and venting but whining?
Wow that really was brutal.
I am the kind of person who considers the cup always half full.
I am very positive
I might complain about my aches and pains but whining????
Wow….I’m still offended by that.


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dreaming   Leave a comment

I want to trek across the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.
I wonder if that is an insane impossible dream?
I think it would be great fun.
Just me, my hiking partner (Kathy?) and our supplies in our back packs, our boots on our feet and our ambition to see the world in a simpler form.
it calls to me.

I have read and re read “Into the Wild” the book about Christopher McCandless who trekked into Alaska and died there due to starvation.
I don’t want to die trekking any where but I do feel the need, urge, or whatever one wants to call it, to go on an adventure like that.

Just me, my hiking partner and life out there waiting for us to venture through it.
We would bunk at night on the ground in our sleeping bags, bathe only when we came upon a place to do so.
Get one with nature and just see what it all has to offer.

Am I crazy?

It really appeals to me
Honestly I would like to trek the trails that Christopher McCandless did in “Into The Wild”
I would like to go to that bus where he lived and died in.
I would like to see all that he saw.

Wouldn’t that be so cool just to venture out there and see what God has to offer in this beautiful earth?

Now that is a dream

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I have to wonder   Leave a comment

reading headlines again I have to wonder, it is really necessary to do a study on weather or not people believe in Aliens and if they live on earth or not?
Is it necessary to take a 23 ton unit to space for the space station?
Yesterday I read that there are great white sharks that go deeper into the ocean than man ever thought before!
Over six hundred feet deeper!
now I ask you is all this research  necessary and money wasted for this kind of  stuff?

shouldn’t the money be spent on things like finding a way to get homeless people off the street?
Find a cure for cancer?
Find a way so that everyone in America can have health insurance?

a few years ago I was talking to a woman who use to be a teacher here at my school and we were talking about the space program.
And she said to me “I can’t justify using billions of dollars to go up in space when there are all sorts of resources on this earth, in our oceans that could help us more”
And the more I thought about it the more I agree with her.
Don’t get me wrong, I think the space program is terrific, however the billions it takes to keep that a float really could be used for programs here on earth to better the american people

but that is just me………

still I hate to read stories like the ones about people being asked if they think there are aliens here on earth?
Is that crucial to the well-being of our planet?
I don’t think so.

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The Host   Leave a comment

I am reading the latest novel by Stephanie Myer

she is the woman who wrote “The Twilight” series
And for those of you who don’t know the series it is about a vampire named “Edward” who falls in love with a mortal named “Bella”

it is the big hype now especially for teenage girls.

Any way  I am reading “The Host” her new book and while I am not even half way into it I have to wonder “Is there a point to this?”
I realize that books tell a story and this one is no different but she goes on and on, page after page after page going over things she already wrote about and it just drags on and on.
She did this too with the last two books of “The Twilight” series.
Her books are generally six or seven hundred pages.
And I just think she could cut back on the repetition.

I will finish the book unless it keeps dragging on like it has been.

I love to read and I love a good story.
The concept of the book is great, I just hope it picks up some……..

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out of the blue clear sky   Leave a comment

my sixteen month old grand-daughter has hardly learned any new words.
She can say  mama, dada, nana, papa,hold me, baby, pretty, owie and puppy
But just yesterday out of the blue clear sky she started repeating everything any one says
I told her “Be a good girl”   and she looks at me and says “Good Girl”
I told her I would see her later and she said “See you”

I asked her if she wanted milk and she said “Milk”
It is odd how for so long she would say so little but now suddenly she is doing so well.
Quite wonderful!!!

NOTE to reader…….

I say out of the blue clear sky because that is how Forrest Gump said it.

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I don’t want to know   Leave a comment

it breaks my heart literally the things people do to children.
I was reading headlines a few moments ago on the internet, reading about the miners in West Virginia and about weather or not Iowa City should build a third high school, when my eyes graze across a head line that reads
“Baby dies when placed on a hot stove”
I don’t want to know
I don’t want to think someone out there can be so horrifically cruel.
I look at my baby grand daughters and just want to weep for society and the selfish hatefully cruel individuals who would dare to cause harm to an innocent child.
My God it makes me want to vomit!

I wish now I hadn’t seen it, because that image will stick with me and I HATE HATE HATE any individual who would torture a child or be so neglectful that they would cause a child harm.
It tears me up inside.
I just can’t take it.

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Lennon/McCartney/American Idol   Leave a comment

This week on American Idol, they were to do songs from Lennon/McCartney and over all they all did a pretty decent job.
There are so many songs to choose from though and I often wonder why people pick the simple ones.
At any rate it was a good week and they saved “Big Mike” this week so that was good.
The only problem now is they will send two people home next week
I really like  Siobhan a lot and I think she could win the competition
But I like Crystal a lot too.
She reminds me of my eldest child.
Of the guys I like Lee and Aaron.
I think they both could win it too.
Katie is really good too although I think she needs some work
And while Michael is good too and Andrew is on some songs and even Tim can do fairly decent in the long run.
I think next week Andrew and Tim will go home.
I will cry if Siobhan goes home because of all of them, she and Crystal have the best voices.
But time will tell and since I don’t vote what happens will happen.
NOT that my one little vote will make a difference but….I do hope Siobhan and Crystal stay till the very end.

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