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Reality Bites   Leave a comment

so as I sit here at my desk hating my job and wishing I could find a way to get out of working here.
the reality of it all is, unless I go back to school to get some form of education, I am stuck here like glue

unable to move or even deter from this place.

it is depressing but I know I am the only one who can change the situation.

so unless I take charge and do something about this, I will be sitting here a year from now, or five or ten thinking….damn why didn’t I do something about it all those years ago??
that is the reality of my life.

no one can make the changes or take that first step, other than me.

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Country music awards   Leave a comment

so last night was the country music awards.
it was good and lively with a lot of wasted commercials in between.
I was THRILLED that Miranda Lambert won female vocalist of the year.
It’s about damn time!

I’m not thrilled with Carrie Underwood.
She has a great voice and all but what a show off.
That first opening song with Miranda and Carrie wearing that very very short skirt.
What was that about?
yes the girl has pretty legs but was that short of a skirt necessary?
Did the people in the front row of the audience love seeing her underwear?
Talk about ridiculous!

Totally unnecessary

And THANK GOD, Taylor Swift didn’t win entertainer of the year!
My God that girl makes me crazy

She is cute and she has a great talent for writing songs, but she never sounds on key when she sings on TV and I hate watching her.
What is up with throwing her hair all around the place?
Is she a Miley Cyrus want to be?
(I can’t stand Miley Cyrus either)

and Sugarland didn’t sing, thank God again.
And they didn’t win anything either which was great.

I think Lady Antebellum was great and I’m thrilled for them that they won what they won.

Nice to see fresh talent out there.

Not crazy about Brooks and Dunn and haven’t been for years and all the hoopla of them ending their partnership!
that was last years news!
End it already!

I love George Strait
I really do, but is it necessary to put him into every years category of Male vocalist of the year and entertainer of the year?
He sings songs, they play on the radio but he hasn’t been an entertainer in the realm of Kenny Chesney or Carrie Underwood OR BRAD PAISLEY (whom I wanted to win entertainer of the year last night) for years

I love George but really….they need to quit adding him to the lineup.

over all it was an entertaining night.
And I was pleased with the results.

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what would it take?   Leave a comment

what would it take to make all your dreams come true?
what exactly?
I personally think it would be money and time.
But….how to obtain all those dreams without the use of money?
That is the question??

Without money there isn’t the means to full fill those dreams??
Without time there is no point in having the money because if you don’t have the time, the money is pointless.

so I ask you dear reader, what would it take for you to make all your dreams come true?

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Monday again   Leave a comment

I came into work this morning at five am due to wanting to get the gym floor scrubbed before anyone came to work

I’m happy to say that daunting task is behind me and the day begins as normal.
Only problem is I have zapped all my energy and feel the need to nap now.

My sister-in-law has her interview this morning which I hope she does well so she can get the job.
I don’t have any major plans for the week except working and seeing her off to the airport on Wednesday evening.

Depending on when she plans on moving I may fly out there with my husband and ride back in the moving truck that he will be driving back to Iowa

Of course this depends on when she plans on moving back and how Emily is feeling in her pregnancy.
AND of course if I can get the time off of work.

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