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I am reading the above titled book and while I can’t tell you the name of the author (the book is at work and I am at home in my den) it is a good book.
I have barely begun it and I find the whole concept pretty cool.
To think something from outer space could move in our world un known to us and live and manage us in the way they see fit.
Quite interesting

I have been reading more and more lately.
During the winter months I was reading three books a week and now I am down to one because it is nicer out and I have been working on putting my house back to normal.

So while I enjoy reading, actually it is one of my favorite things to do, I love a good book that takes me in and makes me live the characters as this book
“The Intruders” is doing.


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I want   Leave a comment

I want more than anything to know when I go to sleep at night that my children and their children are all safe and snug as a bug in a rug in their own homes and are healthy and happy.

I want for my daughter’s pregnancy to go smoothly and that she and her little boy will be healthy and grow up together.

I want for my siblings to all find  happiness and stay healthy for years to come.

I want for myself to take a vacation or two a year and find peace in all choices I make.

I want for this world for people to treat everyone like they wish to be treated.

I want for this world for people to stop criticizing and find happiness

I want for this world for war to end

I want for this world for child abuse and spousal abuse and mental abuse to all end.

I want for this world for rapists to stop raping, for pedophiles to stop hurting innocent children and for people to stop killing each other just because they feel like they can

I want for this world for all of us to turn to God and realize that without Him we have nothing and with Him anything and everything is possible.

I want everyone to act like every day is just like Christmas morning.
And just learn to love each other as we should.

I NEED to know that my Heavenly Father is watching over me and my loved ones each and every day
And I know that He is.

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Thinking out loud   Leave a comment

so it is Wednesday, my sister’s day off or should I say the beginning of three days off, and it is hump day for the rest of us who work a Monday through Friday job.
I have to say the cold is better, or maybe I should clarify and say my throat doesn’t hurt unless I cough and my nose isn’t running like a high current river like it was yesterday.
I do feel pressure in my chest and it really hurts to breathe deep and cough.
I know, don’t breathe deep or cough, but sometimes I can’t help it.
So hopefully I am on the mend.

My uncle’s 72nd birthday was yesterday and he made it through.
I wonder how he is doing and I think about him daily.
he is the only uncle I have left and they (Hospice) think he will die any day now.

I hope and pray nightly that it is as painless as possible for him.

My youngest daughter was suffering with Braxton hicks contractions last night.
I told her maybe she will have her son on my birthday (This Sunday) but chances are she won’t.
She has four weeks until her official due date so….chances are she won’t go really early.

I’m at work, wishing I wasn’t, and it is supposed to be a really nice day out and tomorrow is supposed to be even better….so….it will make it hard to be at work.
Still, I need the money so I will be here.

My husband will be flying the friendly sky’s to Vegas on Friday evening and that means I will have the bed to myself for four nights.
I will miss him but I definitely won’t miss his snoring.

anyway I am at work so I suppose I should do something work related around here.

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