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much too young…..   Leave a comment

Garth Brooks says it best “I’m much too young to feel this damn old”
and that is how I feel.
Even though in less than four weeks I will be 49 years old.
I don’t consider that old.
Although my body feels older.
I am getting arthritis.
No a doctor hasn’t diagnosed this but I can tell with my hands and fingers hurting all of the time.
My back will forever be too old for my age due to years of heavy lifting at various jobs.
It is hell growing older.
Hate that the body is betraying me.
Hate that I ache every day.
Ugh…I am much too young to feel this damn old!


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too busy for my liking   Leave a comment

so I am at work now and when I get off I have to go and get my two youngest grand daughters from their other grandmother’s.
then I must have Keira at dance class by five and then Emily will pick me up at six fifteen to go to Lamaze classes with her tonight.
Her boyfriend Adam is going to go too but he can’t yet bend his knee and so therefore he won’t be able to get down on his knees to be on the floor when we do breathing exercises that must be practiced before actually giving birth.
I think this will be the last class I go to.

Less than six weeks now until Aaron is due.

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Thoughts for the day   Leave a comment

it is another excruciating Monday.
how I hate them.
Why can’t I be well off enough to never have to work again?
I know why, because I like to buy stuff.
I don’t even have to be rich.
just well enough off that I can work if I want or stay home if I want.
Or better yet I can write and sell books and become a best-selling author.
Ahh good thing dreaming is free.
Cuz I do a lot of it.
I have tons of stuff I should be doing here at work, but no ambition to do it.
Guess I better find some out there some where……

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weird dream   Leave a comment

so I had a very strange but so real dream last night.

I dreamt my husband and I went to this movie theater but during the filming it was like Noah’s Ark and the entire town began to flood.
A person literally had to take boats out to get from one place to another due to the flooding.

In the same dream the national guard came to assist and my sister-in-law flew in from Las Vegas  ( I have no idea how her plane landed)

in the midst of all of this I met up with a former lover and we began our affair again and my husband got suspicious but never said anything.

I got stranded on this mountain/cliff spot and my husband took a boat with his sister off the cliff/mountain spot
Right before I woke up my husband was coming after me with a gun (for cheating) and my eldest son was with him too.

He shot me and I died, and I woke up.

Now isn’t that about the weirdest dream you ever heard of?

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