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It is Friday in my world   Leave a comment

I had Monday and Tuesday off this week but let me tell you, these last two days felt like I was forced to carry a truck load of cement on my back.
I just felt like I was never going to get to Friday!
But it is here finally!
Thank God and my outlook is remarkably better because of it.

I know for my sister Friday means she has to go back to work tomorrow and her work week will just be beginning.
But when my work week begins on Monday again, she will be half way through having hers done.

Every body is working for the weekends, and while some of us have weekends in the middle of the week while others of us have it every Saturday and Sunday, the whole point of working is to have time off to enjoy the things we enjoy.

So happy Friday!
And smile!!!!


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Let’s discuss………   Leave a comment

lets talk about my strengths and weaknesses

Let’s pull out all the stops and just cut the bullshit and get right down to the nitty-gritty.

I am a lazy person.
I realize this as I grow older that I am getting lazier all of the time.
I want someone there to do my job for me but I get paid for it.
And look good while letting someone else do it.
how pathetic is that?

I want to be a good wife and mother

I will never be perfect in either role.

I want to be a better friend, a better sister and just an all around better person but my selfishness conflicts me at every turn.

I am just a lazy person

I am fifty pounds heavier than I should be.
I need to start exercising more, and not make excuses for it, I just need to do it!

I need to eat healthier but once and a great while those potato chips or a pop just sound too great to pass up.

yesterday afternoon I was down and blue and I know for the most part it had to do with setting limits on myself and thinking, I can’t do this or this because of this or this…..

I need to stop making excuses.
We only get this one life…..

and when I am on my death-bed I don’t want to be thinking, damn why didn’t I do that, when I had the chance?????

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reinventing me   Leave a comment

that is what is needed I think, for me to reinvent myself.
Find out who I am under all these hats I wear.
After talking to a fellow blogger in Maine last night I realize that I need to make some changes.
I am almost 49 years old.
And while I have some things in my life I refuse to change, there are a couple of things I can do to reinvent myself.

I need to stop making excuses.
I need to stop complaining about my aches and pains and do something about it.
I have not yet reached 50!
And I am much too young to feel this damn old (Thanks Garth!)


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Frosty   Leave a comment

no I am not talking about Frosty the snowman, although it feels cold enough to snow out there.
We have frost on our windshields and grass this morning.
It is a shock after the warm fifties temps we have been having at night.
And while it won’t last, because we are almost to the middle of April already it was a shock to my system this morning to walk out of my house and think “Burr”
No wonder why the furnace was running so much during the night.

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