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dare I admit this?
I just took an hour nap here at my desk.
I don’t know what would happen if someone caught me napping.
I can only assume I could be fired for it??
It wasn’t like I intended to take a nap, I just sat down at nine fifteen to take a break and I woke up exactly at ten fifteen!
odd and I do feel better, still freezing cold, but I don’t ache as much or feel as tired…

so obviously I needed the nap…..

but could I  have lost my job ???


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my sweet girl and her peanut   Leave a comment

here is my youngest daughter, 35 weeks pregnant and getting ready to go to her baby shower last weekend.
She is huge, I know, but she is adorable too
Love the thought of her little peanut entering the world here in less than a month!

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more beautiful pictures of the beach

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I miss the ocean and I really would love to be here right now.

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Siobhan Magnus   Leave a comment

So my favorite American Idol singer was axed last night.
Quite painful for me because I thought she had the best voice of all of the contestants.
Definitely better than all the men who didn’t get voted off last night.

she was adorably cute and had a huge voice and I honestly think American Idol is rigged because Siobhan was in the top ten most Googled hits all week-long and every one was saying how awful her voice was.
So now she is gone.
I don’t think that is right.
The girl has an amazing talent and she should have won the competition.
Saddens me greatly that she was axed.

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