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My Guy Leo   Leave a comment

okay true Leo doesn’t know I exist, and frankly I am old enough to be his mother….but as I look through my pictures on this computer (I change my screen a few times a week) I see this picture of Leo and can’t help but think
“Hmmm… about sexy”
Doesn’t he just reek of confidence and sexuality?
Well he does for me.
Not that he would ever look in my direction andΒ  honestly I wouldn’t want him to.
But every time I see this picture it reminds me that I am not so old that I can’t appreciate a handsome man when I see one.
And after watching him in “Shutter Island” a few weeks ago, it just reaffirmed that he is my favorite actor.
Sorry Tom.

(Tom Hanks was number 1 for years and years but Leo pushed him out of that spot after he did “The Departed” and “Blood Diamond”)


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No more pop   Leave a comment

I have to once again make the commitment to give up pop.
I just keep gaining weight and I can’t stand it.
So for me the natural thing to do is give up pop and work on eating healthier and start walking again.
I gave up pop once for eleven months!!!
So I know I can do it.

And before you ask dear reader, no I can’t cut down to one or two a week.
I have to go cold turkey, because if I don’t…..I will fail.
so starting today April 1st, 2010, I am no longer drinking that fattening stuff

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Riding Rainbows   Leave a comment

That is what it feels like to me this week with this lovely weather.
I don’t even mind being at work that much because it is so great outside.
True I would rather be home then be at work, or should I say I would rather be out in my yard working, then being at work, but… is all good.
Life is good

Everyone I love is doing well health wise and while their pocket books may not be as full as they wish, what is the most important thing in life?
After God our Father, health and family!
So be happy, and hop on and ride the rainbow with me!

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what if there is nothing to say?   Leave a comment

I tend to check four or five people’s blogs nearly daily and as usual no one writes a new one.
Even my sister hasn’t written a new one since Tuesday night.

However I do check every day in hopes that someone out there besides myself feels the need to write something every day.
I often don’t have anything to say but I like to share what is going on in my head.
I just read a blog site where the man has gone four or five days without writing and then finally did last night, only to say…he hadn’t written because there was nothing to say????
how can you have nothing to say?
I always have something to say!!!
Whether any one wants to hear it or not.
This is my site, my thoughts and feelings.
I can write whatever I want and to hell with anyone who doesn’t like it, right?
I say what I think, what I feel, how I yearn, or love or just any old thought that comes into my head.
It might be boring to some.
but to me it is therapy of sorts.
And I love to write!

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beautiful day in Iowa   Leave a comment

we are really hitting the mother lode this week with this beautiful weather we are having.
It is quite lovely.
High seventies and low eighties and a bit of a breeze to keep it all manageable
I even got a bit of a tan the last two days from being outside in the sun.
Just love it.
Wish it would never get hotter or colder than it is right now.
Fifties at night and seventies in the day time.
Pure heaven on earth.

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