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my son and his daughter and I went for a walk this evening
We may have walked a mile and a half, (that is a guess)

and it was just the beginning because we plan on walking at least three if not more times a week.

hopefully it will help me lose some weight.
Lord knows I  need to.

I have been giving myself a pep talk too about my attitude and complaining.
My uncle is dying and in a lot of pain so I feel like I have no right to complain about anything.
I should be embracing life and holding on to it tightly with both arms happily.

So I keep telling myself that and I’m hoping it will help me improve my attitude.


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COMMON SENSE PEOPLE!!!!!   Leave a comment

Ugh people annoy me!!!
I just talked to this man I know who rents out houses.
I texted my sister to tell her about one that I cleaned once that was small and cute and would be perfect for her.
I emailed the man back to ask him if they allowed pets.
he said yes with an extra deposit

so I think great I found a place for my sister to live and help her get out of the apartment place she hates so much.

Only to have him text me back that they already have the place rented.
What the fuck??

I emailed him back and said “Why didn’t you say that in the beginning before I started asking all these questions?????”
Where is the common sense?????
Jesh it annoys me to no end.

people can be so stupid some times!
I even wrote in the email “What a waste of time!”
because it was.
Why tell me all these things knowing I sounded interested to lay the “oh we have it rented” thing on me????

I just don’t get it????
People are so dumb.

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Revisiting The Host   Leave a comment

I just finished the book “The Host” by Stephanie Myer (the author who wrote the Twilight Series) and it turned out to be quite good.
yes it drug on quite a bit and I remember writing a while back about their being a point to the book.
But it was entertaining and will make a decent movie if they ever decide to make it one.
Quite different from the vampires but strange yet too in other ways.
Stephanie Myer’s has a very vivid imagination and it was quite good.

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from the outside looking in   Leave a comment

I’m beginning to think I might be a bit depressed.
I find anything and everything is starting to set me off of late.
I get annoyed quite easily and I’m not sure why.

I can complain about the job (I KNOW, GET A DIFFERENT ONE!)

I can complain about my life (Who can change that but me?)

And when it all boils down to it I feel a  bit stagnant and that is probably what annoys me most of all.

It is of my own making and my own doing, so stop complaining about it right?

And while I don’t feel like I’m complaining or whining (thank you Mr. Maine)
I do think I use this blog as an outlet.
As a diary for lack of a better word….to express it all.
To lay every thought and feeling out there….

to vent.

I was venting to a friend yesterday and she wanted to come in and tell me what I was doing wrong and was “Miss fix it all”
I don’t want someone to fix it for me.

It is my life and I will fix it or not to suit myself.
But sometimes I just need to vent.
Sometimes I need to know that someone out there is going through the same thing….or something quite similar.

sometimes it all seems like it is too much of a struggle.

sometimes I just want to quit.
To walk away and say to hell with it all, I’m going to Florida to live on the streets.

dramatic huh?
but I DO feel this way at times.

And then I think of my grand daughters and little Aaron coming and I think “how can I be so selfish?”

but there again lies a problem.
I put everyone else’s happiness above my own.
NOT that my family doesn’t make me happy….they do…..but still I feel like a part of me is missing some where and I can’t find it and I feel panicky because of it.

 I know I sound like I’m losing my mind…..and sometimes I think I am……..

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