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I have to go to Iowa City to do the building check but first I have to feed the girls breakfast and shower.
After they go home I will have to water my plants that I planted yesterday and flowers too!
Then we have some movies to watch this afternoon that my husband’s brother rented.

It will be a quiet day and a lot of bumming.



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didn’t sleep well   Leave a comment

I slept with my two grand daughters because it was their first night in the new bed and sleeping together and I wanted to see how it went.
So this was how it went…..

Kayla went to sleep first and then Keira and I went up at ten.
Keira of course had to be right next to me which automatically made my space to sleep in quite small.

Kayla kept screaming out in the night like she was having bad dreams and both girls were all over the bed.
Keira was talking in her sleep a few times and both girls were kicking each other and moving around a lot.

Needless to say I didn’t sleep well.

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