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nothing is better then fresh smelling girls   Leave a comment

both my girls got baths tonight and nothing smells better in this world then a clean baby.
It is so wonderful to hug them close and smell the sweet smell of freshly washed hair and little bodies.
I so love to hug my grand daughters.
And especially so when they are fresh from the tub.
Neither girl likes her hair washed, but once it is done they are happy and content

it helps them sleep better too I think.


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watching my girls   Leave a comment

We have had the grand babies since three thirty today.
We played outside, (my husband and I pushed them on the swings) and then they wrote on the sidewalk with chalk.
Kayla tried to eat the chalk a time or two….but I got her to stop

Gave Kayla a bath and Keira is next.
Right now they are getting ready to watchย  “Toy Story” and shortly Keira will be in the tub.

Hope everyone has a great Saturday evening.

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West Virginia Coal Miners   Leave a comment

It is quite sad that they found the other four coal miners dead in West Virginia.
I grieve for their families and only hope that they will turn to God to help release their pain.
I know the good Lord has a reason for everything and while we may not know what that is, here on earth, I have no doubt He does.
I read in the article that the miners didn’t suffer.
That according to the article, they had no idea what hit them.
So I hope that is true.
Dear Heavenly Father, please help those who lost a loved one this last week in this coal mine disaster

it is in your son Jesus name I pray.

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