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Sunday morning at our house   Leave a comment

the girls both slept well last night.
I didn’t but really never do when they are here.
Kayla tends to cry out in her sleep, screaming loudly and I can only imagine she is having a nightmare of some kind

I pat her back and try to soothe her and she always goes back to sleep

Keira slept soundly only mumbling in her sleep once and a while.

Keira slept two hours last night and was up for about an hour and a half before falling to sleep again.
Over all she slept eleven hours last night.
Kayla slept thirteen hours because she got a five-minute nap yesterday
Kayla is rubbing her eyes today acting like she is still tired.
So I imagine she will take a good nap today too.

Not sure what the day will bring other than going to my sons to return his daughters.
We may just sit and visit for a while because I am still entertaining my sister-in-law and not knowing how to entertain her.

My entire weekend was wrecked due to her visiting and nothing I wanted to do is getting done.
Still it is nice to see her and while I know there will be other weekends to do what I want to do… is kind of a wasted weekend in a sense …….


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