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Back to school   Leave a comment

so I have been thinking once again about going back to school.

I need to because I don’t want to keep working as a custodian for the rest of my working life.

But there is that money issue and while I know there are loans and grants out there……I wonder too if I have the motivation to do it?

I will be 49 years old in less than two weeks and while I know a woman who is 53 and going to college I can’t help but think, ‘aren’t I too old for this?”

that is the answer though.
I know it as sure as I know my own name…….

but being a scaredy cat is part of the problem and the money issue is the other…..

still it is either seriously go back to school or be stuck here for 17 more years until I can retire.

and keep beating myself up over the fact that I should have gone back to school….the whole 17 years……..


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body aches   Leave a comment

oh I have to say my body is aching today.
Mainly my lower back.
not sure what I did to it but it sure is grumbling today.
took some ibuprofen so hopefully that will kick in soon and take the edge off at least.
this getting old really stinks.

Posted April 20, 2010 by Marge in ramblings