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possible mini vacation   Leave a comment

so my sister-in-law and her husband are going to be moving back to Iowa here in a few weeks and my husband is going to fly out there to drive back the moving truck.
I put in for the time to go with him and keep him company while he drives back.
It is such beautiful scenery out there that I will love the drive back until we get to Nebraska.
However…..if I don’t get the time approved from work that will be alright too.
I told them I would try to get it off.
If I can’t then I am sure my husband will be fine driving it home by himself.
Still the scenery makes me want to go.
Just so I can see it all again.
Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE UTAH!!!!!

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not enough hours in the day   Leave a comment

you know I could really just go home and work on my endless list of things I want to do at home.
Dang it, why can’t I be rich?
Wouldn’t that be cool?
to just have as much money as I needed to never have to work again?
I know every one feels that way.

But there is so much to do at home.
Seems like there is never enough hours in the day anymore.
I give this place nine every day Monday through Friday and last Monday I gave them ten, so….I honestly feel like I live here.
Have no ambition to be here and I really wish I could just say oh to hell with this job and quit.

But I know too I am not alone in that feeling either.

So while I gripe and moan and groan I know too I am lucky to have a job.

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