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I got up and wiped down the walls, cobwebs and dust bunnies from my grand daughter Keira’s room
Since they moved I painted the wood work and cleaned the room, scrubbing the floor and put a double bed in there for them to use.
She and Kayla will share the room when they come to visit and stay the night.

I then sat out in the sun for a couple of hours and read on my book.

now that the sun is hiding behind the clouds ninety percent of the time, I am going to head back upstairs and work on other rooms up there.

It is mind boggling to me how much hair there still is from the animals my son had living here.
Of course we are talking three years of animal hair with little to no cleaning so…what does one expect?

Still it will be nice when it is all done.

High ho High ho, it is off to work some more I go.

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