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off to Cedar Rapids and back again   Leave a comment

we went to pick up my sister-in-law and now we are back home again.

she hopes and plans to be moved back here in two weeks or so.
But time will tell and it all depends on weather she gets the job or not.

I am betting she will

My husband will fly out there and help her move back when ever that happens.
I would like to go too but it depends on when it is and how close it will be to Em having the baby as to weather I go or not.

so I’m ready for bed and she is two hours behind us in time so for her it is only seven forty instead of nine forty.


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Who would it be?   Leave a comment

last night my husband, daughter and her boyfriend and I were discussing who were the most beautiful people in the movie star business.

I think we all agreed that the most beautiful woman out there is Halle Berry.
She just oozes of beauty.
however I think Katherine Zeta Jones is right up there too.

Discussing men we all differed on that.
Rick my husband never made a comment on the sexiest guy but Emily my daughter thought Will Smith was right up there…..and I think Eric Dane is quite handsome

Eric isn’t the hottest guy out there, but I don’t go for hottest guy.
I go for the one that appeals to me.

Robert Redford will always appeal to me, even though he is in his seventies and looking quite old of late.
I think the man will always be sexy.
And that smile!!!

Paul Newman was gorgeous when he was younger and definitely was sexy.

George Clooney has the eyes…..

Jude Law has the accent as does Keith Urban

but for sexiest male?
I don’t know if I can think of oneΒ 

I don’t go for all that muscle and showing off the torso all of the time.
I mean, yeah it is sexy but too much is too much for me.
Mario Lopez was a front-runner on the TV program we were watching about sexiest stars

and while yes he is sexy he knows it and I find that incredibly unattractive

I don’t like it when a man flaunts his good looks to the point he thinks he is “Mr. Wonderful”
that just is plain and simply “YUCK!” to me.

but….I know everyone has their own opinions and desires too so…..and what I find sexy and attractive doesn’t usually coincide with what other women think.

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Christmas all year long   Leave a comment

I drive twenty miles into work one way every morning.
And on my way, not quite half way to work there is a country house that has a tree lit up like it is Christmas
And while that is very pretty and it is something I notice every morning I can’t help but wonder, are they going to light it up every day until Christmas comes around again?

it is April and still that tree is lit up like Christmas is next week.
So I tend to think they will have to glowing all summer long into the weeping leaves of fall until it is winter again in Iowa and Christmas is soon upon us
(Yikes! too soon to think of winter again!)

I find it odd yet enchanting and it makes me think of Elvis’ song “If every day could be just like Christmas……………what a wonderful world this would be”

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Hanging in and moving slow…..   Leave a comment

my husband is on vacation this week and bless his little heart, he got our bedroom painted so we are finally in the bigger bedroom again.
it was nice to sleep in there last night.
more room around our king sized bed to move was the biggest appeal.

So I have my den to put back together.
First though I will probably paint the trim and maybe the walls.
I haven’t gotten far enough to check the walls and see what I think….

however it will be nice to get it all back into shape.

That will leave the extra bedroom to do which right now has empty furniture in it (for my den) and boxes that need unloaded.

that is where the moving slow part comes in…..

seems hard to find ambition sometimes.

have to find another bed for the guest bedroom and then my house will be complete again.

Still have a lot of stuff to do, with pressure washing the decks and painting the front porch…..but all in good time.

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the wrong side of whatever side it is…..   Leave a comment

it is Friday morning.
My very favorite day of the week.
I was awaken this am at four due to a rolling stomach and the need to go to the bathroom immediately.
I won’t take you any further than that dear reader.
Needless to say….it was the wrong way to begin a day.

However I am at work, with eight hours to put in before going home and cleaning my house and then driving up to CR to pick up my sister-in-law from the airport.

She will be staying with us this weekend to go to an interview Monday for a new job.

I am happy she is coming and thrilled for her that she may be moving back to Iowa, but now my weekend plans have gone to the crapper because I will have her there.

that sounds incredibly selfish doesn’t it?
However it is honestly how I feel.

I will give her my car to do all the running around she wants to do.
maybe she will have friends she wants to visit and what not….so I can maybe do the things I had intended to do this weekend.


rereading this I know I sound like a selfish ox but dang the weekend are so short to begin with.

Still I will buckle up and put on a great big smile and take the weekend with all it entails and be happy I am not working.

Power of positive thinking right????

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