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It’s Raining!   Leave a comment

what a lovely sound to hear it raining!
They have been saying it is supposed to rain for the last week and a half and now finally it is raining!!!
I love the rain!
I love how it cleans off the dust of everything it touches.
I love how it falls softly to the earth making the soil dark and rich looking

I love how it reawakens the flowers and grass.
I just love the rain!


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My favorite day of the week   Leave a comment

My favorite day of the week is finally here!
How I love my Friday’s as I know every one does (unless you are one of the unfortunate ones who has to work every weekend)
I have no great plans for the weekend other than meeting my sisters for dinner tonight and getting groceries after that.
I do plan on staying home all weekend and just working on getting my den put together and watching my girls tomorrow night.

It is supposed to be rainy and cooler this weekend so it will be a good time to stay indoors and make progress on the house.

Oh I bought a Hutch on Craigslist the other day and I have to clean it up and decide what I am going to put in it too.
the weekend should be a great one!

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House Rules   Leave a comment

Yesterday afternoon I finished reading “House Rules” by Jodi Picoult and while I had the ending all figured out half way through the book it was a very good book to read.
I love Jodi Picoult and sometimes I read too much of her and then the books aren’t as good as some of the others.
it had been quite a few months since I read one of her books
“House Rules” is her newest
I own all of them except three and I have one I haven’t read yet and do intend to buy the other three I don’t yet own.
She is a gifted writer and I only wish I could write as well as she does.

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nope not going to happen this time   Leave a comment

no I do not get to go on a mini vacation to Vegas and ride back to Iowa with my husband.
My days off for this were denied so…I won’t be going anywhere

I am okay with that though really, because I honestly wasn’t sure if I wanted to go anyway.
I would have enjoyed it but really if I am going to be on vacation I want to enjoy it more than seeing pretty scenery as I drive by it.
And riding in a moving van?
not sure that would have worked well for my back.

So my husband will be flying west without me and helping his sister move back to Iowa.

I will have to reserve all my energy and money for our trip to Tennessee in the Fall.

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