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so I had a very strange but so real dream last night.

I dreamt my husband and I went to this movie theater but during the filming it was like Noah’s Ark and the entire town began to flood.
A person literally had to take boats out to get from one place to another due to the flooding.

In the same dream the national guard came to assist and my sister-in-law flew in from Las Vegas  ( I have no idea how her plane landed)

in the midst of all of this I met up with a former lover and we began our affair again and my husband got suspicious but never said anything.

I got stranded on this mountain/cliff spot and my husband took a boat with his sister off the cliff/mountain spot
Right before I woke up my husband was coming after me with a gun (for cheating) and my eldest son was with him too.

He shot me and I died, and I woke up.

Now isn’t that about the weirdest dream you ever heard of?

Posted April 12, 2010 by Marge in ramblings

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