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I had a meeting yesterday and the boss discussed ways we need to cut the budget.
there are so many ways.
For instance I would get rid of all paper towels in the building, and if not in all the buildings at least in the student bathrooms.
There is no point to them when you have an air dryer right there.
make them use it and forget the paper towels.
I am betting my school alone would save the district 8 to 10,000 a year on paper towels alone.
AND I would get rid of two eight-hour custodians and go down to one.
My night custodian is retiring in a year and a half, I say make him retire early and switch my hours to eleven to seven-thirty OR keep my hours the same and only have someone here at night to work three till seven or something like that.

Or have me work five ten-hour days.
Working eleven till nine pm.
There is no need for two eight-hour custodians

but I’m sure someone would argue with me on that one.
I personally don’t think I need to be here just to unlock the doors and do a bit of cleaning every morning.

I have hours (4) where I can do nothing at all if I choose to do it.

still I doubt anyone would listen to me, I am just a peon after all.

Posted November 5, 2009 by Marge in ramblings

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