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oops it will be next week   Leave a comment

due to an error on the doctor’s part, Emily won’t be induced until next Tuesday a week from today
The doctor thought she was on call all day this Thursday only to find out she isn’t until next Tuesday.
So unless Aaron decides to pop into the world before then, next Tuesday May 18th will be the day he joins our family
Yes I am excited and anxious.
Emily is scared and unsure but I know I was with every one of my four children.
God willing it will all go well.

Next week it is supposed to be in the 70’s which is great, with a lot of sunshine, so as usual mother nature just got April and May weather mixed up.

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resigned   Leave a comment

as much as I detest the idea, I am resigned to having to stay at this job another year.
I only hope my back can do it one more year.
I have been looking and I honestly am not qualified to do anything else.
I need an education to get a better job.
So..I am resigned to staying here.
Not that I want to, I don’t.
But unless I do something about my expenses or go back to school (put myself further in dept) than I am just going to have to stay here.


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