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Today……we await the news of my Uncle’s passing
Today …..we look outside and see the dreary windy day and it somehow seems fitting as our Uncle passes away

Today… house will be filled with laughter, joy and good food as we and all those who join us will celebrate the new addition to our family….

somehow it seems wrong to have this baby shower and picnic with my Cousins and Aunt in mourning as they prepare to let their father and husband make the long journey to Heaven

But we choose this day, several months ago.
Who would know that this day will be happy for us but filled with sorrow for my cousins and aunt?

There is nothing in this world, besides God, that is as important as one’s family.
And while I help my youngest daughter and her boyfriend and his family and mine, celebrate the baby coming soon… thoughts will be on my extended family over in Frytown filled with pain and grief as they let their loved one go.

I know without any doubt that my new grandson who may enter this world any time….this next week… a gift from God.
And I know too that there is no doubt that my Uncle Russell is going to be greeted at those pearly gates by God, his son Jesus Christ and all of his family that has passed on before him.

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