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reminiscing about the olden days
That was what yesterday was about.
I went to my uncle’s funeral and while that was sad, I wasn’t that close to him but I did enjoy his company┬á and that of his wife.
Sitting there all I could think about was my mother who passed away 18 years ago last month.
Seems like a long time ago and in a small way it seems like yesterday.
After the funeral we all got together at the american legion hall and visited some more and it was good to see people and catch up.
no one puts forth much effort to get together unless it is at a funeral.
Weird to say but true.
Still I know everyone has their own lives and their own priorities.

it is painful in a way to see all of us get older and maybe not age quite as well as we should or could have……but….we are who we are and for the most part I think everyone is happy with that.

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