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Emily is going to get induced on Thursday so I am anxiously waiting for my grandson  this week.
I know that is only three days away but it is exciting none the less since I have been waiting for his birth since I learned of his conception nine months ago!!

The baby shower went well on Saturday with my house full of people

it was freezing cold, not sure it even made it to fifty on Saturday with no sun and a strong wind.

Yesterday was sunny and hardly any breeze but the bugs were out and biting so even though I worked in my yard, I wasn’t out there nearly as long as I wanted to be.

My Uncle’s funeral is tomorrow morning at ten am.
That will be a sad time but I am thankful he is in heaven now and out of pain.

Visitation is tonight but I’m not sure I will come back into Iowa City to go to it.
Simply because it is a lot of driving.
A weak excuse I suppose but it will depend on how I feel too.

My brother-in-law who lives right across the street from us is looking into buying a house in the country.
So if he does, that will be quite strange to not see him across the street.
I hope for his sake he does simply because I would love to live in the country too.
But it isn’t definite yet.

As the work week begins and any one who knows me knows I hate Monday’s I don’t even mind being here.
I guess because I know I have tomorrow and Thursday off.
I think I can handle working three days this week.

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