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I want my mom!   Leave a comment

so I had my three-year old grand-daughter yesterday for four hours along with her sister who is a year and a half.
Anyway Keira the three-year old had a fever of 102 when she woke up yesterday morning and although her fever was down due to her mother giving her motrin, she still wasn’t feeling all that great.

However her mother decided she needed to be out and about and asked me to watch the girls.
Sure no problem

The first two hours went fine.
And then Keira started getting loud and demanding and wanting her mother.
I got screamed at and she cried and demanded I get her mother to come and get her.

Well that just didn’t work out that way so she cried and screamed and begged and pleaded for me to make her mother come and pick her up.
“I WANT MY MOM!” was said probably two hundred times in that last two hours.

I called my daughter in law who talked to Keira and she told us both she would be there shortly.

I talked to my son via texting and he accused me of being unable to handle a three-year old.

It royally pissed me off and now I am being threatened by him that since I can’t handle a three-year old they will find someone else to watch their children.

I was so mad and hurt I cried all the while Keira was crying and begging me still to make her mother come and get her.

Kayla, my sweet, was perfect and totally content to play and watch cartoons.

IT was a hellish morning and I was very happy when their mother came to get them.

She was quite rude and down right ugly, repeating “I had to come back because you are SO SICK!”

to which Keira would just smile and be happy that her mother was there.

What does a person do?
I wanted so badly to say to my daughter in law, “You have your fucking priorities all screwed up!  When your child is sick, you stay home with said child!  you don’t just take off and leave her!”
But I didn’t.
I just kept my mouth shut.

so I will find it interesting to see what happens the next few days.
We usually watch them on Saturday nights, but I will be surprised if we get them.

I have to be punished you know, for not being able to handle a three-year old who didn’t want me, but only wanted her mother.

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