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So for those of you who do not watch American Idol, you may want to go to someone else’s blog
I watched it last night and hope that Crystal Bowersox wins.
I will be shocked if she doesn’t however….last year when I thought Adam Lambert would win it (He wasn’t my choice) Kris Allen won it instead!

So it is of course not set in stone that Crystal will win it.
Depends on who voted last night I guess.

it isn’t that I don’t think Lee Dewayze isn’t good enough.
He is, he has a good voice and a great smile and seems to be a really nice guy.
It is just that Crystal is better.

Which ever one wins I hope they do something with their talent.
There are a couple of Idol winners who won and then we never hear from them again
Taylor Hicks comes to mind.
Why put forth the effort to win the thing and then do nothing with it?
Doesn’t make sense to me.

At any rate, the finale is tonight and then my nights of being glued to the TV from Monday through Wednesday nights comes to an end for the summer.

My pick on Dancing with the stars won last night too!!!
So hopefully Crystal will win as well.


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