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Come on over   Leave a comment

I’m sitting here in my den listening to Gary Allan’s new CD and the song on is called “Come on over”
I like it a lot.
Probably the best song on the cd.
come on over, drink my wine, waste my candles, waste my time, tell me lies I won’t believe, just don’t wake me when you leave, come on over….and kiss me when I’m down

just hits me for some reason.

at any rate, mother and child have to stay at the hospital until mid afternoon because my daughter had a fever the other night.
She is totally bummed and upset but she really doesn’t have a choice in any of it.

I walked today.
I’m guessing close to two miles.
Took me forty five minutes and I didn’t push myself considering it was my first walk for weeks and weeks.
Yes it made the back hurt but I can’t just sit around all of the time.
It hurts to sit and lay down too so I thought, I will get a bit of exercise first thing every morning and maybe just maybe I won’t put on any weight on my three weeks off of work.
Let’s hope it works anyway.

I’m off to bathe and then hopefully write some.

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