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when is it time to let go of a friend?   Leave a comment

when do you think it is time to let go of a friend?
When that person is bad for your health?
When that persons needs out weigh your own comfort zone

of course

when that person wants more from the friendship than you do?
without a doubt

to me a friend is someone who wants the best for you.
who encourages you but does not  hold you back

who wants to be there for you through thick and thin, not when it is convenient for them

a true friend is hard to find.
And I have never had one…..

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101,231   Leave a comment

my other blog has hit the one hundred thousand mark.
hard to believe.
I know it just has to do with my mention and pictures of Mount Everest.
That and my little piece on Costa Rica.
not sure where people are going that they hit my blog, but it is funny to me that those two blogs are so popular

I have googled both sites and there is no mention of my blog site on there.
So what exactly are people hitting that takes them to my blog?
I can’t get on there because some how I lost my password and it refuses to acknowledge me as the person who owns the site, so it sits there, getting massive attention every day…..and I am unable to do anything except watch the numbers increase daily of how many people have hit that site.

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one more to add…   Leave a comment

I have one more to add to my wouldn’t it be cool list

wouldn’t it be cool if I had a robot that looked just like me and I could send the robot to work and I could just get paid and not ever have to work again?

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Wouldn’t it be cool….   Leave a comment

wouldn’t it be cool, if everything was free?
wouldn’t it be cool if everyone was kind-hearted and selfless instead of greedy and selfish?
wouldn’t it be cool if money grew on trees?

wouldn’t it be cool if I was like Bewitched and I could just wiggle my nose and I could be some place else?

wouldn’t it be cool if no one ever grew old?
wouldn’t it be cool if no one ever died?
wouldn’t it be cool to find another planet out there that has life on it like us?

wouldn’t it be cool if there was never another war, or there was no hate and killing?

wouldn’t it be cool if we could all live in God’s Kingdom and be the image of Him?

good thing dreaming is free……because I tend to do a lot of it lately.

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Dreaming out loud   Leave a comment

the sun beats down warmly on my bare skin, and the wind is whisking around my short-cropped hair.
The birds are chirping singing their lullabies and squirrels are scampering

traffic speeds by as everyone races to their destinations and children’s laughter and squealing can be heard through the entire block

airplanes roar across the clear blue sky, leaving their white streams lagging behind them.

and as I walk across the back parking lot of my job, I take in all these sounds and still long for the ocean waves slowly gliding in and out, and the sea gulls quelling loudly as they search for food on the wet sand.

I long for the sun glistening off the water and to gaze after the boats gliding through the water.
To watch those faithful daily walkers stretch out across my path as they pump up their tempo and pour out sweat.

I want to be sitting on this beach and just let the sun soak up my body and tan my pale skin.

I want to be there, but I am stuck here………

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Time Travel   Leave a comment

would you travel back in time if you could?
I would.
I think it would be awesome to be alive in the 1800’s
I think it would be awesome to go back 18 years to when my mother was still alive.
I would like to go back to being a child for a day.

I would also like to go to the future and see what it will all be about.
Movies like “Minority Report” and “Star Trek” and all those futuristic movies make it all look quite cool.

but I honestly see myself more of a girl from the covered wagon days than a girl from the future

listen to me, ‘a girl’ I haven’t been a girl for thirty years.
Still sometimes I think about traveling through time.
I think about life as it once was….

when life was simpler.
and to me that seems very attractive……

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Crossroads   Leave a comment

I just finished reading “Crossroads” by Belva Plain and it was quite good.
It makes  a person think about the choices one makes in this life and the consequences of those choices.
I have been at the crossroads of my life a time or two as has everyone.
I’m not a deep thinker and definitely not a philosopher but I do know that choices one makes is something that can bring great pain and burdens on others.
If it was just about myself, life would be quite easy.
But it is never just about me.
It is about all those I love dear.

If it was just about me I would be a tumble weed blowing in the wind.
I would have a cheap home base (probably a trailer some where) and travel across this great big country of ours and just exist.

I would be a hobo

I would be carefree and out there
In the wild

but it isn’t about me.
I am pretty far down on that line of who is most important in my life.
Everyone of my children, husband and grandchildren come before me

They have to, I can’t imagine it being any other way…..

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did you know?   Leave a comment

did you know that puked isn’t a word?
The auto correct spelling guy here on this blog says it can be “pukes” or puke” but not puked.
I have always used the word puked.
Sounds better than vomit.
Also I have learned that saying “that is suppose to be this way…..” isn’t correct either, it is “is supposed to”  I have never put a “D” on the end of that word.
Odd to me how bad my grammar is and I didn’t even know it!
my sister said she can tell that reading has helped my vocabulary but it isn’t that as much as it is, this auto correct spelling guy who points out my flaws every time!

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vacation   Leave a comment

I feel like I need a vacation.
And while I wouldn’t be able to go anywhere until September, I feel the need to plan one, just to have something on the horizon so to speak.
Hate it, hate the thought of not getting to go anywhere.
I know I shouldn’t whine because I know I have siblings who haven’t vacationed as recently as I have, but darn it.
Vacations keep me motivated.
they keep me looking a head to work for something.
I’m feeling stagnate sitting here working day in and day out with nothing to look forward to (Aaron doesn’t count because he isnt’ a vacation)
I just need a vacation…….to travel somewhere……….out there……..

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well I am at work.
Don’t want to be and I seriously thought of calling in sick but here I am.
For some dumb reason I feel like it is my moral obligation to be here.
Must be why I live in pain with my back and still work here.
My husband will be home later today from his trip to Vegas.
my uncle is still hanging in there even though we have been told repeatedly that he will go any day now.
NOT that I want him to pass, but I feel badly for the poor man who has to be in horrific pain.

I haven’t slept well the whole time my husband has been gone (the last four nights)
I toss and turn and it seems that every noise wakes me up.
I resent his snoring, but it must be a lullaby for me and I don’t even know it because I haven’t slept well since he has been gone.

my daughter still complains about being miserable feeling fat and constantly uncomfortable due to being so big and pregnant.

So really nothing much has changed in my world.

had my youngest grand daughter for about an hour last night.
She is sick with the ear infection and all she wanted to do was lay in my arms and be held.
I felt badly for her.
Guess she puked again yesterday although the doctor didn’t seemed concerned about it at all.
she is on medicine now so…hopefully she will be back to one hundred percent when I see her tomorrow.

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