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I just read the book “Like Me’ by Chely Wright and for those of you who don’t know who she is, she is a country music singer.
Not huge like Garth, but she has carried her own, throughout the years.
The book was quite interesting and kept me turning the pages.
Chely is a beautiful lady and I have always been a fan.
I bought her new cd and own four of her seven albums.
She is quite good and I like her style.

in her book “Like Me’ Chely has come out of the closet and announced to the world that she is Gay.
Does this change how I feel about her?
Not in the least.
My eldest daughter is Gay so I got over that discomfort a long time ago.

however I do agree with Chely when she said Nashville and the country music scene would never have let her get her feet off of the ground, IF they had known she was gay.

I applaud her for coming out and for being true to herself.
I do think, and have thought the same thing about my own child, that it is a long hard road to travel.
and I do think there will be those in Country music and other places that will shun her now for being “Different” in their eyes.

people can be really ugly and hateful and some can not keep their opinions to themselves and therefore ridicule is always there for those who are different.

I do hope Chely finds someone to share the rest of her life with.
She deserves it as much as anyone.

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