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Happy Birthday to me   Leave a comment

Well it is official

I am now 49 years old

I was born at five thirty two am 49 years ago today.
I know, this, because my mother told me, but she was not thrilled that I was born a female.
She had four daughters already and one son and she very much wanted me to be a boy.
but alas….a girl is what I am.

She named me after my aunt, who passed away at the age of fifteen in a car accident.
her name was Marjorie Kay.
She named me Marjorie Shirleen,though because my grandmother (also named Marjorie) liked Shirleen.

My grandmother gave me birthday cards every year saying “To my name sake”
Some how she had gotten the idea that mom named me after her.
And my mother never corrected her.

I have never been thrilled with my name but after 49 years of it, I’ m fairly use to it.
Most people call me Marge, and that is alright too.
Occasionally someone will call me Margie and I automatically correct them.
Don’t call  me Margie.
I don’t like it and if you want me to talk to you, you won’t call me that.

At any rate.
I am home alone.
All three younger kids texted me a happy birthday as did my husband from Vegas.

I will go out to a late lunch early supper with those three children for my birthday and then I will come home and wallow the rest of the hours away doing whatever here.

No I am not feeling sorry for myself.
Birthday’s are not that big of a deal.
It is just one more day, that maybe you get a little more attention  than any other day.

My eldest child doesn’t act like I exist so I know I won’t get anything from her as far as a birthday wish.

Still at least  the three younger kids, love me enough to want to spend the day at least a portion of it, with me.

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