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Feeling disgustingly fat today   Leave a comment

my husband got home from Vegas yesterday and after helping his sister and her husband unload the moving van, he came home at seven and wanted to order a pizza.
So at seven-thirty I was eating pizza and I have to tell you I have been paying for it all night long.
I feel so disgustingly fat today I can’t hardly stand myself.
Why do I do such dumb things?
Knowing it isn’t good for me?
yet I do it anyway????

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how do I do it?   Leave a comment

how can I figure out how I can quit working completely?
I really want to get out of this job and while to stop working completely may be pretty close to impossible, I do want to get a job that doesn’t tax me as much as this one does.
I constantly have back aches and I know it has to do with all the lifting I do at this job.
I must sit down and work on my financesĀ and figure out how I can leaves this back-breaking job.
I just don’t have the strength or energy to do this any longer.

Posted May 5, 2010 by Marge in ramblings