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not the answer I wanted   Leave a comment

well I went to the doctors today and she has me off of work for 3 weeks!
Definitely not the answer I wanted.
A week, I could see but three?
I feel like I will be letting a lot of people at work down.
Darn it.

But my slipped disk is flaring up again and my blood pressure is high due to the pain I am in and my doctor said if this doesn’t work, being off three weeks, the cortisone shot and physical therapy than she will strongly urge me to see a back surgeon
I told her I wanted to avoid that at all costs and she agreed, but if I can’t get my back to be halfway normal and settle down, surgery is the only option that she sees will help me.

I am hoping and praying these three weeks off of work and not lifting anything over five pounds, will do the trick.
Back surgery scares the hell out of me.

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Doctor appointment at three   Leave a comment

so I go into the doctors at three.
I’m actually a bit scared to see what she has to say.
I know it can’t be good just by the way I feel.
Since writing this morning my hip bones are hurting and sending pains down the front of my body

my back burns like someone is constantly pounding on it and even my spine  is starting to hurt.

I’m hoping I will just get a day or two off to let it rest but I can only imagine it will be a week or more, after she is done with examining me.

and while I love having time off of work, nursing an aching back isn’t ideal to me.

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I may not be the brightest crayon in the box…..   Leave a comment

okay I may not be the brightest crayon in the  box, but even I know that pouring over 42,000 gallons of oil in to the gulf of Mexico is going to cause problems.
It has been almost a month since the explosion.
To think every day for the last thirty days 42,000 gallons of oil are spilling into the water????
Now they are worried that it will reach the Florida Keys, and if that happens then it will more than likely head up the east coast of Florida.

sounds scary and more than that, it sound horrific for our ocean wild life.
I have gone snorkeling in the Florida Keys and to think all that beauty sitting on the bottom of the ocean floor could be destroyed.
Quite sad.
not to mention the animals this will kill

I hope they will find a solution soon because this is devastating and it sounds like it is  getting worse as the days pass.

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Caving in   Leave a comment

okay I called the doctors and am now waiting for her nurse to call me back and see if they think I need to be seen.
if nothing else I hope they can give me something stronger than ibuprofen for my back pain.
Even if I am not off of work, just give me something to make it bearable.

I ache in my back,

down both of my legs in the back

my hips hurt

my entire lower back feels like it is burning

it hurts to sit,

to stand

to walk

especially to bend down

I just am falling apart.

and I hate it

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Thoughts in my head….   Leave a comment

it is Monday morning again and I am sitting here at work.
Wish I had some wonderful news to share but I don’t.
Tomorrow may or may not be the birth date of my grandson.
Depends on how many other women are in the hospital giving birth.

if not and she goes all week then Saturday will be his birth date.

I wish I could say my back is better but it isn’t.
I debate about going to the doctor.
I know she will have me off of work for at least a week.
And while I have the sick time, I honestly feel guilty not working and letting people down here.
Stupid I suppose, but that is what has kept me from going to the doctor

also I don’t want to get another MRI which will cost about two thousand dollars, and or a cortisone shot, which will be about the same price.
I honestly feel like the slipped disc and pinched nerves are moving over to my right side, but of course that is impossible to know without an MRI

Yes I have insurance, but it still doesn’t pay all of it.

my left tear duct keeps watering and I feel like I’m crying constantly.
Quite annoying.

so while I wait for tomorrow and see what happens, I am here at work today….

Oh I am getting a 40 cent raise as of the first of July, putting me up to over Sixteen dollars an hour.
That makes me happy and even harder to walk away from this job.
Still for a few weeks it will make it worth it too

Happy Monday

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