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Coritsone shot   Leave a comment

yesterday I went to the hospital to have a cortisone shot into my back to help releave the pain and swelling that comes with my slipped disk.
And while they put it in, I had horrific pain and pressure going down the back of my leg and it was all I could do not to cry out.

I was told that the pain will be worse today and already I can feel that it is.
I was in pain last night over it.
Just feels like a burning sensation going down my leg, stopping at my knee and then proceeding down to my ankle.
Not a good feeling.

I was told to not do anything to over exert myself.
Hey people I have a slipped disk in my back, I am off of work…..what can I do to over exert myself?

That will come when I am cleaning the school here in two weeks.

So today is another day of bumming while I let the cortisone shot do it’s work and I find something to do.
I wish I could write, but it still eludes me.


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What makes a person dream?   Leave a comment

I often wonder about this?
Why do we dream the things we dream?
It is quite odd to me.
The last four nights I have dreamt of an old boyfriend.
One I haven’t talked to or seen in months and now suddenly he is popping up in my dreams!
isn’t that odd?

I have had different dreams in the past about my mother who passed away eighteen years ago, and my grand mother who passed away twenty years ago.
And while the dreams aren’t exactly about them, they are alive and well in my dreams.

I just wonder, what makes a person dream?
And why do we dream the things we dream?
So strange……

Posted May 25, 2010 by Marge in ramblings