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my little Kayla is sick.
She puked six times in the four hours I had her tonight.
And she can’t keep anything down.
All I gave her was water or 7-up and she couldn’t even keep those two things down.
When they left here she was having the dry heaves with nothing in her stomach.
I really hate when they are sick.
I would much rather take their place and be sick for them.
Poor baby.

Hopefully it is just a twenty four hour bug and she will be good as new tomorrow.

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letting go   Leave a comment

I got news last night that my Uncle is doing badly and that he is expected to go any minute now.
I also was told that he is in horrific pain and we were all asked to pray that he goes quickly.
I have been praying for that very thing for a few weeks now.
I can’t ¬†predict or question God and why He lets my Uncle suffer.
I don’t have the big picture like He does, but I do hope and pray that the good Lord let’s Russell go soon.

I also hope and pray that his family can deal with this loss and that they all turn to the Lord to find solace in Him.

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