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Crystal versus Lee   Leave a comment

Okay I have to say it, I was disappointed in American Idol’s winner last night.
I think Lee is a great guy who seems really nice and his voice is alright.
But Crystal, Crystal is a bona-fide singer!
The girl worked the stage over and over, even with the well-known artists she sang with.
She is a pro and should have won the award.
It saddens me that she didn’t.
I only hope that she still follows her dreams and becomes the great singer she is meant to be.
But if nothing else, she got a car out of the whole thing, and her name out there for all of us to know!

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what to do with myself today?   Leave a comment

my days tend to run together any more.
NOT that I am complaining, I’m not.
I just got up and thought, hmm….what should I do today?
It is beautiful outside so it seems a crime to be inside when it is so wonderfully nice outside.
however the back is still healing so doing anything physical is probably not the greatest idea.
I will go out and read here in a  bit and work on tanning my white legs.

I will go get my two youngest grand daughters around three and bring them home until their mother gets off of work.

but I have no other great plans.

I should at least type on my story if I am unable to write, but again, it is so nice outside…….it seems a waste of a day to sit inside……

ho hum ho hum……


Posted May 27, 2010 by Marge in ramblings