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seeing family   Leave a comment

went to my aunts birthday party today
it was great seeing everyone especially my uncle Russell who is dying of cancer
he looked good and was in good spirits though
it is sad to me that my mothers last living sibling isn’t going to be around much longer
growing up I was sort of afraid of him because he had a loud voice and seemed to be yelling a lot
but as I have grown older he seems to have mellowed a lot
or maybe I have just grown up and understand him more?
His wife of fifty plus years has always been a large woman but an incredibly beautiful woman
There is just something about her that just is so intensely pretty about her.

I have never been close to them but I feel really sad in knowing he is leaving this earth some time soon.

I know my mother and his other siblings in Heaven will be thrilled to have him come home though
And I know too, God will welcome him with open arms


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Trekking across the United States (in my dream)   Leave a comment

before I was awaken by a whining dog (his masters stayed out all night and it is up to me to take care of him and his playmate when they are gone) I was dreaming a very strange dream
I dreamt I was trekking across the United States all by myself.
From one coast to the other.
Very strange.
In my dream however I was loving it

now while I know that will never happen, the thought of it appeals to me greatly.
I would love to go trekking across the US and just exist.
Granted I would have to be dealing with days on end of camping and days and days on my feet and maybe even going without talking to someone or going days without taking a bath, but it does appeal to me.

I can’t see it ever happening (I’m basically a chicken shit when it comes to doing something so far out of the realm of my comfort zone) but the idea does appeal to me, and it was a great dream

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Sunday morning   Leave a comment

well I had a fitful night sleep and tried to sleep but was up by seven thirty.
Aggravated and not feeling like I got a good nights sleep I took my shower and am beginning my day.
My husband is in the kitchen smelling it up with the awful smell of eggs cooking.
Ugh, it stinks.
hate that smell, along with a few others 🙂

Plan to go to my aunt’s birthday party here in a few hours and other than that, it will be another bum day.

my grand girls stayed over night with their other Nana last night so we had a very quiet uneventful night.
I tried to write but to no avail.
I was in bed by ten pm.

Suppose to snow again, three to five inches they are saying now.
Fun fun.

Some day I have to get a job where I am not stuck shoveling the snow when it snows.

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