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should I do it?   Leave a comment

Should I stay?
Should I go?
Should I do what my heart wants or do what I know is the best thing to do?
Should I be selfish?
Or should I consider all others?
should I do it?
these are the thoughts that go through my head today…..

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how dare I?   Leave a comment

I feel shallow and pathetic to tell you the truth.
I feel like I’m an imbecile and without any compassion or conscience.
I have a friend who’s father is growing older and weaker by the day and I feel like after talking to her, how dare I feel sorry for myself and complain about my boring mundane life?
This poor man can hardly walk without falling, and the only thing he has to look forward to every day is sitting in front of the TV and watching whatever his wife puts on for him to watch.

I feel like I am pathetic with my grumbling and complaining.
How dare I feel sorry for myself when there are less fortunate people out there?
This man, all elderly people, the people of Haiti and other countries where there is war and terror on the streets.
What is wrong with me?

I feel like such a loser to be complaining the way I have.

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into the core   Leave a comment

I wonder how many people are happy with what they see when they delve into the core of who they really are?
I wonder if any or most people like myself put everyone’s happiness above their own?
I wonder if the majority of the people are happy or are they just convincing themselves that this is their lot in life and to deal with it?
for days now I have been down and blue.
For days now I have been thinking, isn’t there more to life than this struggle?
is this the devil playing havoc on my inner most conscience or has the Lord just given up on me?
I hate feeling this way and I hate having the blues
Damn…why can’t it all be easy?

Posted February 1, 2010 by Marge in ramblings