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this usually happens at least once a week anymore.
the work email is down and I can’t get on to it.
I suppose it isn’t that big of a deal because I do have yahoo to look at, but rarely does anyone write me on that one.
It is usually the work one.

at any rate, a couple of my sisters probably wrote me emails on my work site and it will have to wait until some time on Monday when they get it back up and running for me to read them


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a whole lot of nothing going on   Leave a comment

until the weather gets nicer I find my weekends to be a whole lot of nothing.
I have cabin fever

It is too cold to do anything outside and there is no money for a movie or anything fun
so we do a lot of bumming on the weekends.

I did laundry last night and will clean the house today but that will only take up a few hours.
Probably try to write and maybe read a bit.

I’m watching the girls later tonight and tomorrow night and I may go to work to do some cleaning tomorrow just to get out of the house
that might seem crazy to some people, for me to go to work since I am there five days a week but I never get any alone time here at home and I miss it, plus there is never a good time to do the gym floor during the work week (last Monday I went in an hour and ten minutes early to do it)

of course come tomorrow I may change my mind, but that is the plan right now.

Hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend.

Posted February 6, 2010 by Marge in ramblings