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Are you lost? what are you passionate about?
what makes your soul shiver?

I occasionally read a blog from a man in Maine and he wrote a blog the other day about where is the passion?
And these three questions he brought up.

And while I was reading him I was thinking about my own life.
Am I lost?
Definitely if you mean, I am floundering in my day to day life.
no if you mean spiritually.

what am I passionate about?
That is an easy one, my grandchildren.
They are the one and only things that keep me wanting to get up every morning and start a new day.
I adore them and would lay my life down for them.
They are truly gifts from God.

What makes me shiver?
if we go with passion again, it would again be my grand children.
if we go with any other experience in my life, I haven’t felt it in a really long time.
I use to be in love with a man who made me shiver and feel like I was on top of the world, but that was long ago and needless to say, it didn’t work out.

Have I shivered recently?
Will I ever again?
Probably not

I have things I enjoy in life, I love working in my yard and feeling the soil run through my fingers
I love the smell of a freshly mowed lawn
I love the sun
I love reading and writing
and I love my family and spending time with them.
I love going for walks.
I love my siblings

but there isn’t any passion in my life, except for my grand children.
There isn’t any shivering
and while I don’t feel like I am lost, I do feel like there are times when I would like to run away and just be lost…..
unfortunately that isn’t something I can do.

So here I sit, in my small little corner of the world and make do with what I have and try and be grateful for my blessings every day of my life.

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It is Friday and while that is great and wonderful, it isn’t just another day in paradise here in Iowa.
It is cold and winter just keeps hanging on.
It did warm up to 35 in my car yesterday afternoon when I got in it and it is warming up enough during the day with the help of the sun to melt the snow a little bit at a time.
however it is still winter.
I think everyone has the blahs now.
NO one wants to deal with this any longer.
We are all ready for spring.
And while it is only February 19th, we all long for April 19th, when it will at least be in the forties and fifties.
Ahh…..sounds heavenly right now.

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