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Up In The Air   Leave a comment

My husband and I just got home from going to the above titled movie with George Clooney
It was quite good.
Definitely a movie for the older couple who have been married for a few years.
I can’t imagine my youngest daughter liking it all that much since she hasn’t been in a marriage yet.
could be wrong though.
it is rated “R” so children aren’t allowed, (they would have been bored out of their minds)
but like “It’s Complicated” it is definitely a movie for the older generations.
Middle aged people like myself.

I recommend it.
Love George’s eyes.

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weekend workout   Leave a comment

it snowed AGAIN
and I don’t have to tell you how unhappy that makes me.
Just when we are starting to see the end of slushy roads and melted snow, mother nature had to go ahead and dump three inches on us.
Quite frustrating.

I heard we could get six more inches by Monday so…I’m not too thrilled to say the least.

I could head in and shovel the three inches we have, (my weekend workout) OR wait for it to all get done on Monday and do it then.
Either way it has to be done, and since we are going to get more, I will probably wait until it is all over with.
Makes me wonder if we will have another snow day on Monday.
And while I love being there when the kids aren’t, I don’t love the idea of school getting into the second full week of June.

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