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another typical Saturday   Leave a comment

well I’m up and showered and have laundry started.
Now I have endless hours to fill my day with and I don’t know what that will bring.
I need to clean so that will take up a few hours but other than that….what to do?
I want to write but I’m not sure I have it in me.
Seems all pointless at times when I write.
Just doesn’t want to flow like I want it to.
The sun is shining and I do want to go for a walk later if it warms up a bit.
if it doesn’t I will go down to the dreary basement and walk on the treadmill I have down there.

Of course I would like to do something that costs money but since we have taxes to pay to federal and taxes to pay on the house, I shouldn’t spend the money.
Another reason why I am staying home when I am on vacation here in two weeks.
don’t need to spend the money when it can go on taxes.

ahh well…

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