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went to my aunts birthday party today
it was great seeing everyone especially my uncle Russell who is dying of cancer
he looked good and was in good spirits though
it is sad to me that my mothers last living sibling isn’t going to be around much longer
growing up I was sort of afraid of him because he had a loud voice and seemed to be yelling a lot
but as I have grown older he seems to have mellowed a lot
or maybe I have just grown up and understand him more?
His wife of fifty plus years has always been a large woman but an incredibly beautiful woman
There is just something about her that just is so intensely pretty about her.

I have never been close to them but I feel really sad in knowing he is leaving this earth some time soon.

I know my mother and his other siblings in Heaven will be thrilled to have him come home though
And I know too, God will welcome him with open arms

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Trekking across the United States (in my dream)   Leave a comment

before I was awaken by a whining dog (his masters stayed out all night and it is up to me to take care of him and his playmate when they are gone) I was dreaming a very strange dream
I dreamt I was trekking across the United States all by myself.
From one coast to the other.
Very strange.
In my dream however I was loving it

now while I know that will never happen, the thought of it appeals to me greatly.
I would love to go trekking across the US and just exist.
Granted I would have to be dealing with days on end of camping and days and days on my feet and maybe even going without talking to someone or going days without taking a bath, but it does appeal to me.

I can’t see it ever happening (I’m basically a chicken shit when it comes to doing something so far out of the realm of my comfort zone) but the idea does appeal to me, and it was a great dream

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Sunday morning   Leave a comment

well I had a fitful night sleep and tried to sleep but was up by seven thirty.
Aggravated and not feeling like I got a good nights sleep I took my shower and am beginning my day.
My husband is in the kitchen smelling it up with the awful smell of eggs cooking.
Ugh, it stinks.
hate that smell, along with a few others 🙂

Plan to go to my aunt’s birthday party here in a few hours and other than that, it will be another bum day.

my grand girls stayed over night with their other Nana last night so we had a very quiet uneventful night.
I tried to write but to no avail.
I was in bed by ten pm.

Suppose to snow again, three to five inches they are saying now.
Fun fun.

Some day I have to get a job where I am not stuck shoveling the snow when it snows.

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Up In The Air   Leave a comment

My husband and I just got home from going to the above titled movie with George Clooney
It was quite good.
Definitely a movie for the older couple who have been married for a few years.
I can’t imagine my youngest daughter liking it all that much since she hasn’t been in a marriage yet.
could be wrong though.
it is rated “R” so children aren’t allowed, (they would have been bored out of their minds)
but like “It’s Complicated” it is definitely a movie for the older generations.
Middle aged people like myself.

I recommend it.
Love George’s eyes.

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weekend workout   Leave a comment

it snowed AGAIN
and I don’t have to tell you how unhappy that makes me.
Just when we are starting to see the end of slushy roads and melted snow, mother nature had to go ahead and dump three inches on us.
Quite frustrating.

I heard we could get six more inches by Monday so…I’m not too thrilled to say the least.

I could head in and shovel the three inches we have, (my weekend workout) OR wait for it to all get done on Monday and do it then.
Either way it has to be done, and since we are going to get more, I will probably wait until it is all over with.
Makes me wonder if we will have another snow day on Monday.
And while I love being there when the kids aren’t, I don’t love the idea of school getting into the second full week of June.

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hump back riding   Leave a comment

Are you lost? what are you passionate about?
what makes your soul shiver?

I occasionally read a blog from a man in Maine and he wrote a blog the other day about where is the passion?
And these three questions he brought up.

And while I was reading him I was thinking about my own life.
Am I lost?
Definitely if you mean, I am floundering in my day to day life.
no if you mean spiritually.

what am I passionate about?
That is an easy one, my grandchildren.
They are the one and only things that keep me wanting to get up every morning and start a new day.
I adore them and would lay my life down for them.
They are truly gifts from God.

What makes me shiver?
if we go with passion again, it would again be my grand children.
if we go with any other experience in my life, I haven’t felt it in a really long time.
I use to be in love with a man who made me shiver and feel like I was on top of the world, but that was long ago and needless to say, it didn’t work out.

Have I shivered recently?
Will I ever again?
Probably not

I have things I enjoy in life, I love working in my yard and feeling the soil run through my fingers
I love the smell of a freshly mowed lawn
I love the sun
I love reading and writing
and I love my family and spending time with them.
I love going for walks.
I love my siblings

but there isn’t any passion in my life, except for my grand children.
There isn’t any shivering
and while I don’t feel like I am lost, I do feel like there are times when I would like to run away and just be lost…..
unfortunately that isn’t something I can do.

So here I sit, in my small little corner of the world and make do with what I have and try and be grateful for my blessings every day of my life.

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Not just another day in paradise   Leave a comment

It is Friday and while that is great and wonderful, it isn’t just another day in paradise here in Iowa.
It is cold and winter just keeps hanging on.
It did warm up to 35 in my car yesterday afternoon when I got in it and it is warming up enough during the day with the help of the sun to melt the snow a little bit at a time.
however it is still winter.
I think everyone has the blahs now.
NO one wants to deal with this any longer.
We are all ready for spring.
And while it is only February 19th, we all long for April 19th, when it will at least be in the forties and fifties.
Ahh…..sounds heavenly right now.

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I NEED a vacation   Leave a comment

my God I feel like my life is like the guys on “Ground Hog Day” (the movie)
Every day is a carbon copy of the day before.
I feel like I could go insane with this boring life I lead.
What is wrong with me?
is this what cabin fever feels like?
Even though I’m not stuck in my home, I’m feeling stuck in my life and it is the same thing every single day!
and while I know I should be grateful for my health and the health of all of my family, and be grateful for having a job and my grand children, at times none of that helps me.
not sure why this is hitting me so strongly.
Well I think I know why, it is because I haven’t vacationed any where since last April and I feel like I need one so badly.
just to get into my car and drive.
That is what I feel like I need to do.

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sexy too   Leave a comment

The more I look at this picture of Leo, the more I think how sexy he is.

But here is another guy who is sexy too in his own right
George Clooney, unfortunately the one picture I have of him won’t down load to this blog.
But George has fantastic eyes.
Bedroom eyes.
And a very nice smile.

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My brother   Leave a comment

My one and only brother turned 56 yesterday
I sent him a message on Face Book which he either hasn’t gotten or hasn’t acknowledged.
He isn’t very good at all in emailing or keeping in touch.
guess he thinks beings he is the only male in the family, the six of us girls should be the ones putting forth the effort to keep in touch with him.
He lives in Canada now with his new wife and her two children and says he plans to be back in Iowa in the fall.

He is a good decent guy, a bit conceited but…growing up with six girls I guess he has that right.
This is his wedding picture with his wife a couple of years ago.

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