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I’m ready to run   Leave a comment

I am so ready for a vacation.
Just to go some place warmer than Iowa City Iowa.
ugh…this seems to be a long winter.
Usually I don’t mind it so much but this winter just seems to be dragging by.
could be because I had two vacations planned for this spring and I canceled both, so now I am feeling boxed in.

But I am ready to just run south for the rest of the winter.
Just to get some sunshine on my face, a healthy tan on my body and a clear mind.
The ocean waves are calling me.
now if only I could answer


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I’m bored   Leave a comment

so last night at one twenty am, I hear my grand daughter Keira crying.
I go in to talk to her and she is crying because she wanted to go sleep with her parents and her mother told her no.
I lay down with her and tried to go to sleep
She sat up once and I said “honey what is wrong?” and she said “Nana, I’m bored”
I told her it was the middle of the night and she needed to go to sleep
She said she wasn’t tired and wanted to get up.
Again I repeated it was the middle of the night and we weren’t getting up.
she sat up a couple more times and repeated that she was bored.
I don’t know how long she stayed awake or how long I was awake but it was hard to get up this morning.
now that it is over I can laugh about it but I am feeling a little tired today.
gotta love grand children!!!

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