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The more I look at this picture of Leo, the more I think how sexy he is.

But here is another guy who is sexy too in his own right
George Clooney, unfortunately the one picture I have of him won’t down load to this blog.
But George has fantastic eyes.
Bedroom eyes.
And a very nice smile.

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My brother   Leave a comment

My one and only brother turned 56 yesterday
I sent him a message on Face Book which he either hasn’t gotten or hasn’t acknowledged.
He isn’t very good at all in emailing or keeping in touch.
guess he thinks beings he is the only male in the family, the six of us girls should be the ones putting forth the effort to keep in touch with him.
He lives in Canada now with his new wife and her two children and says he plans to be back in Iowa in the fall.

He is a good decent guy, a bit conceited but…growing up with six girls I guess he has that right.
This is his wedding picture with his wife a couple of years ago.

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Leo   Leave a comment

This guy just gets better and better the older he gets.
He is my favorite actor and his talent range can be seen in the numerous movies he has played in
From “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” to his new movie “Shutter Island”
the guy is great!

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where would you choose to go?   Leave a comment

to the beach or the mountains?
it would be a tough call for me, but then again it is warmer at the beach right now then it is the mountains.

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More of Mt Saint Helen’s   Leave a comment

more pictures of Mt Saint Helen’s.
And when she erupted in 1980

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Mount Saint Helen’s   Leave a comment

Well I hadn’t heard about this tragedy until I got online last night.
This poor man falling 1500 feet and not being rescued until after his death
I wonder if when he threw his back pack down off of his shoulders that he somehow made the place where he was standing begin to break before his weight took him down?
so incredibly sad
The article I read last night said he had climbed that very mountain over sixty times.
So at least he died in a place that he loved.
I would love to say I hope mountain climbers learn from this experience but alas…they never do.
People still feel like they are invincible when they aren’t.
I myself was at Mt Saint Helen’s thirteen years ago and it is awesome.
I have never tried to climb a mountain but they sure are beautiful to look at
I hope this family that lost this climber can have peace knowing he died doing what he loved to do.

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