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a lot can be said for a good night’s sleep   Leave a comment

I stayed up last night till eleven pm typing a story of my into my computer.
My son and his wife went out as they usually do on Saturday nights.
I was in bed for half an hour when my grand daughter Kayla woke up screaming.
I tried to calm her in her bed but she was too upset so I took her into her parents room and lay down with her to get her back to sleep
She kept waking up every ten minutes or so crying like she was having a bad dream.

My son’s two dogs were whining and being pains in the butts down stairs so I had to get up four times with them during the night to let them outside and catter to them.

Around one my other grand daughter Keira came into her parents room to sleep with Kayla and I.

Well around three, I decided to move the girls back to their own beds thinking that any minute now their parents would be home.
The rest of the night, until I got up at six thirty was trying to sleep and yet be aware of what both grand daughters were doing and making sure I could hear them if they woke up.

Needless to say it was a very crappy night of rest.

I’m off to shower now before Kayla wakes up, and maybe being clean will put me in a better mood????


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