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oh the joys of getting older   Leave a comment

my back is giving me fits today.
Well actually it started yesterday but it is still with me.
Hardly have done a thing today and already it is bad.
I can only assume it is the slip disc/pinched nerves again.
for it is on my lower left side where I had this problem three years ago.
it actually has never gone away, just subsided enough to make it liveable for me.
But now it is back in full force.
Hurts from my lower left back all the way up to my armpit.

I know if I go to the doctor she will have me off of work for at least a week.
And I know she will want me to do physical therapy and tell me once again I need a different job.
Like I don’t know that already.
The shoveling is a man’s job or at least for someone who has a better back than I do.

ugh, the joys (NOT) of getting older.

Posted February 23, 2010 by Marge in ramblings