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Killer whales   Leave a comment

it is very sad to me that a trainer at Disney World in Orlando died today due to the over aggressive Killer whale.
I read the article on yahoo and heard it on the nightly news and they say this is the third time this particular whale has killed someone.
However what will be done?
Maybe they should let him go back out to the wild where he came from?

If this was a dog, they would have put him down after the first death.
NOT that I think they should put this whale down.

I just think people need to remember that this whale is out of his element.
He is being forced to be where they have him.
In his own environment that is what he does, he kills
Hence the name “Killer whales”

I feel badly for the woman who died and very badly for her family and even for those people who had to watch this horrific scene.
But again, Killer whales are meant to be living out into the deep blue sea.
not a tank full of water performing tricks for peoples amusement.


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I’ve decided   Leave a comment

Since I am almost always awake by four am any more I am going to get up and go downstairs and exercise for forty minutes or so until the time when I use to get up and get ready for work.
That way I can one, get into an exercise routine and two, maybe lose some weight!

I need to start having a better out look on life and I know that.
Too many little things get me down and before I know it, I hate everything.

So starting right now, I am going to look on the bright side of everything and try to be more positive.
With God’s help I know I can do it!

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clogged head   Leave a comment

I’m not sure what it is with me, but I am having a lot of mood swings of late.
Monday I was in a really rotten, ready to run away mood, and yesterday I was completely fine and content.
Today however I am heading in the same direction I was in on Monday.
ready to say to hell with all of this and just to run away.
I wonder about my clogged head and what a therapist would say to these mood swings I have.
I don’t believe I am depressed enough to be put on medicine, I am not suicidal at all.
I would leave the state and find a place to live elsewhere before I would ever kill myself, however I do get the urge to just throw in the towel and leave the life I know now, more and more.
And before you ask dear reader, no there isn’t someone waiting in the wings for me to change my life so drastically for.
The very last thing I would want is another man in my life.
No if I were to leave it would be to find the person I am, that has somehow gotten lost in the shuffle.
the person inside of me that no one knows and never sees.
That is the only reason I would leave the life I have and find happiness some place else.
Just for me, or the me I use to be.

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